10 Best Things to Do for Halloween in London

Looking for the best things to do for Halloween in London?

During Halloween, the days get shorter and the weather cooler – perfect for getting into the spirit.

One place that appears tailor-made for Halloween is London. The city is said to be haunted and has a long and bloody history.

This means that thrilling Halloween activities are abundant in the English capital.

You may spend Halloween in London as you like: getting your blood pumping at the London Dungeon, seeing London’s most picturesque cemetery, or drinking in a ghostly tavern.

If you happen to be in London on Halloween and are looking for spooky activities to join in the celebration, this is the perfect resource for you.

Best things to Do for Halloween in London

Best things to Do for Halloween in London
Best things to Do for Halloween in London

Here are some of the best – and spookiest – things to do in London for Halloween.

1. Take the Halloween London Ghost Walk

Given its age, it’s not surprising that London is home to numerous purportedly haunted locations and reports of supernatural activity.

The most well-known ghost guide in London, Richard Jones (who has written more than 22 books on the subject!), leads this 1 hour and 40 minutes, £12 per person tour.

During the tour, you’ll visit a graveyard, a haunted pub, and some deserted side streets in London, all of which have a reputation for being haunted.

It is in these locations that you will learn about the legends surrounding some of London’s most infamous ghosts.

It is possible to organize your private ghost tour, but it will take considerable effort.

By signing up for a guided tour, all you have to do is show up at the designated time and place, ready to check out the sights and maybe even encounter a ghost or two.

2. Stroll Highgate Cemetery

Best Things to Do for Halloween in London
The grave of Karl Marx, Highgate Cemetery
© Paasikivi | Wikimedia Commons

Halloween in London is not complete without visiting the city’s most famous cemetery.

The occult has a long history at Highgate Cemetery, which is also the final resting place of socialist leader Karl Marx and numerous other revolutionaries and well-known artists.

This is hardly shocking, given the widespread belief that many old cemeteries are sites of paranormal activity.

In the 1970s, people in Highgate began reporting sightings of a vampire. Claims of the existence of the “Highgate Vampire” began to flood in after a young man with an interest in the occult claimed to have seen a supernatural gray figure one night in the cemetery.

In addition to delving into the rumored occult history of Highgate Cemetery, tourists can also enjoy the stunning scenery there. It has all the hallmarks of the Victorian era, and the abundance of wildlife makes the cemetery a de-facto nature reserve as well.

3. Explore the London Dungeon

Best Things to Do for Halloween in London
A “torturer” at the London Dungeon
© Kjetil Bjørnsrud | Wikimedia Commons

The London Dungeon is the place to go if you enjoy a good fright with a touch of history.

A visit here is one of the most standard London Halloween traditions.

To avoid disappointment, plan if you want to go on Halloween night. Planning early is essential because the Dungeon fills up quickly before the big night.

At the London Dungeon, you may participate in live acts and ride a few attractions while learning about London’s history and spooky characters.

The intention here is to make you jump out of your skin.

However, the London Dungeon isn’t scary unless you’re a big baby. Still, true horror fans tend to consider it on the mild side.

4. Walk the Greenwich Foot Tunnel

Best things to Do for Halloween in London
Greenwich Foot Tunnel
© Bex Walton | Wikimedia Commons

The Greenwich Foot Tunnel, which opened in 1902 and spans a total of 1,217 feet, was originally built to provide dock workers with access to the Isle of Dogs from the other side of the Thames.

It could be the appearance that gives the Greenwich Foot Tunnel such a sinister air. The bricks are painted a clinical white, the lighting is ghastly yellow, and there are no softening elements such as artwork or plants to make the space feel more welcoming.

The Greenwich Foot Tunnel is a public thoroughfare, therefore it’s open around the clock, even though that can make it feel eerie late at night.

However, if you’re in the area and enjoy having the hair on the back of your neck stand on end, it’s a terrific way to go from Greenwich to Canary Wharf throughout the day.

5. Ride the London Ghost Bus

Best Things to Do for Halloween in London
London Ghost Bus

Looking for something fun and spooky this Halloween? Hop on the London Ghost Bus, the only comedy-horror event of its kind in the world!

Get on board this black Routemaster bus from the 1960s for a 1-hour-and-15-minute tour of London’s most renowned sights that is equally parts terrifying and entertaining.

Although it may be too scary for small children, the London Ghost Bus is a great option for families.

Bus seats are available on a first come, first served basis, but advance ticket purchase is required. To secure prime seating, you’ll need to arrive early.

Daily between 7:30 and 9 o’clock, the bus leaves from No. 8 Northumberland Avenue, not far from the Embankment tube station.

6. Join the Jack the Ripper Tour

Every night at 7 o’clock, you can join the Jack the Ripper tour in the center of Whitechapel.

You’ll get to stroll around Victorian-era streets that have changed little since Jack the Ripper’s time. You’ll also have the option to look at scene evidence.

You can form your own opinions based on what you learn from perusing the authentic Victorian police records of the crimes.

The tour is led by experts who have studied Jack the Ripper’s murders and cases, which makes it even more interesting.

7. Visit the Tower of London

Best Things to Do for Halloween in London
Tower of London at night

Once upon a time, the Tower of London was a terrifying place for anyone who was not on good terms with the crown.

Traitors to the throne were subjected to horrific treatment, and the weapons of their torture are still on exhibit in the Tower’s dungeons.

Anne Boleyn, Sir Walter Raleigh, and the infamous Guy Fawkes were just a few of the renowned inmates held in the Tower over the years.

Former prisoners who suffered particularly grisly deaths in the Tower of London are said to haunt the building.

The most famous of them is the story of “The Princes in the Tower,” which tells the tale of Edward V and his brother, Richard, Duke of York, who was imprisoned in the Tower of London by their uncle, King Richard III, and allegedly murdered so that the elder Richard could ascend to the throne.

As possibly the city’s eeriest tourist attraction due to its dark dungeons, resident ghosts, and bloody past, a visit to the Tower is truly one of the best Halloween activities in London.

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8. Enjoy a pint at a ghostly London pub

Best Things to Do for Halloween in London
The Viaduct Tavern, Holborn
© Viaduct Tavern

Londoners are known to be good at drinking, that’s why the city is teeming with old bars. Due to their popularity, it is easy to overlook the widespread belief that many of them are haunted.

This Halloween, you can go out and have a beer with the supernatural, or you can plan your spooky pub crawl by visiting several haunted bars. Don’t get so drunk that you can’t tell if you saw a ghost or not, though!

The Viaduct Tavern near St. Paul’s and The Ten Bells in Spitalfields have been recommended as two of London’s most haunted pubs.

There’s also the legend of the highwayman Dick Turpin’s ghost hanging around the Spaniards Inn in Hampstead.

9. Stay in the Langham Hotel, Marylebone

Best Things to Do for Halloween in London
The Langham Hotel

The Langham is the most haunted hotel in London.

When it opened in 1895, it was the most luxurious hotel in all of Europe.

Many famous people, including Oscar Wilde, Mark Twain, and Winston Churchill, have stayed at London’s Langham Hotel.

Strange occurrences at the hotel, however, have led to a rise in its popularity, making a stay one of the best things to do for Halloween in London.

There is more than one ghost in this hotel.

A German prince who jumped from the fourth floor haunts the basement. Napoleon III stayed here for the duration of his final illness. In addition, there is the specter of a doctor who murdered his new wife on their honeymoon before taking his own life.

The incidents in question took place in room 333. Over the years, many adventurers have traveled far to meet the hotel’s spectral residents.

Go to the hotel’s website if you, too, would like to spend the night in its haunted rooms for that perfect Halloween in London experience.

10. Go see a Halloween show at West End

Best Things to Do for Halloween in London
West End
© Steve Collis | Flickr

Seeing a show in the world-famous West End should be on your list of things to do in London on Halloween — and the rest of the year.

Since we are in the spooky season, here’s a rundown on the best shows to watch:

• The Woman in Black

More than 30 years have passed since Woman in Black first appeared on the West End stage. When it comes to British theater, it is one of the all-time classics.

A stage interpretation of a ghost story, this show is great for Halloween.

This play tells the tale of a lawyer who is certain that he and his loved ones are doomed because of the curse of a mysterious Woman in Black.

Prepare to enter a haunting world where the protagonist struggles to overcome his fears.

• The Phantom of the Opera

The Phantom of the Opera has been performing live on the West End stage for nearly 30 years, and he never ceases to amaze and frighten his audience.

The disfigured composer who composed operas for his rising star soprano love Christine resides in a secret grotto beneath the Paris Opera House.

See how his jealous wrath transforms his love story into a violent one.

• Wicked

For decades, readers of all ages have been enchanted by the secret tale of Oz’s witches.

In Wicked, audiences meet Glinda (The Good) and Elphaba (the Wicked Witch of the West), two witches who couldn’t have more different perspectives on the world.

In musical theater, Wicked is a definite must-see!

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