What to Do on Easter in London 2023

Wondering what to do on Easter in London in 2023?

The English capital city is at its finest during the Easter holiday, which falls on the 9th of April this year. The United Kingdom observes Bank Holidays on both Friday the 7th and Monday the 10th of April.

Schools in the UK typically leave for two weeks over the Easter holiday, so the weeks leading up to and following the Easter weekend are when London plays host to the majority of the country’s largest Easter-themed events.

Seeing as how the days are longer and brighter around Easter, London is a great place to go sightseeing.

The city opens up a wide range of possibilities for celebration for solo travelers, couples, families, and friends alike.

There are several Easter egg hunts and other events for kids all across London, as Easter is a widely celebrated holiday in the United Kingdom.

Easter Traditions in the UK

Easter in London

Easter is a significant holiday for Christians over the world.

In the United Kingdom, this is marked by visits to religious places, the exchange of candy-filled eggs as gifts, the display of hare-shaped decorations, and the consumption of delicious hot cross buns.

Easter is celebrated on the first Sunday after the first full moon that occurs after the March equinox. However, the Easter date varies from year to year, unlike Christmas, which always occurs on the 25th.

Eggs are traditionally presented on Easter because they symbolize rebirth and the resurrection of Jesus. Even if you don’t celebrate Easter or have any friends or family who do, you probably still got a chocolate Easter egg.

Easter eggs are also used in the classic and pleasant game of “Easter egg hunt,” in which many eggs are placed in various locations, such as a home’s yard or a public park, for children and their families to find.

If you happen to be in the United Kingdom during the Easter vacation, we highly recommend partaking in the local customs and eating at least a few chocolate eggs.

What to Do on Easter in London

Easter in London

Here’s a quick guide on how you can enjoy Easter Sunday when in London.

1. Enjoy Easter with the family

Easter in London
Lindt gold bunny

Easter is so much fun for the whole family in London, thanks to the long weekend and the school Easter break.

Spring weather is usually fair during Easter, perfect for the family to just enjoy it along with treating yourself to sweets. You can also check out the baby animals at the London Zoo in Regent’s Park or experience being a zookeeper or both.

Meanwhile, the Lindt gold bunny hunt is a delightful Easter experience in London. Held at Kensington Palace in the past two years, in 2023 it moves to Hampton Court, King Henry VIII’s residence and one of the best castles you can visit in London. The chocolate goodies attract kids into exploring the beautiful gardens as well as learning history.

Follow The Hungry Caterpillar around the fabulous Kew Gardens afterwards, then help children to discover more about nature.

2. Spend Easter at Kew Gardens

Easter in London
Kew Gardens

The Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew in London will be hosting a variety of Easter-themed events for families from April 2nd to the 18th. To participate in the special activities and workshops at Kew Gardens, visitors need not purchase additional tickets or make reservations. Remember that kids under 16 get in for free.

This year, you can relive the action from the best-selling children’s book by Julia Donaldson starring everyone’s favorite worm, Superworm. It’s happening at Kew Gardens this Easter.

In the enchanted setting of the springtime Gardens, embark on an adventure through the plant and animal realms. Explore the many garden inhabitants of Superworm’s garden as you follow the trail and encounter familiar moments from the novel. See the vibrant spring flowers and plants that are just starting to bloom along the path in the Gardens.

Regardless of your age, you’ll enjoy expanding your knowledge of the important roles that plants and animals and play in the natural world.

3. Attend a hot cross bun ceremony

Easter in London
Hot cross buns

The Widow’s Son tavern in Bromley-by-Bow, which is located in east London, is well-known for the peculiar ritual that it observes on Easter weekend each year. This consists of hanging a fresh hot cross bun in the bar. As part of the annual tradition, a sailor will add one more bun to the collection already present in the bar’s namesake widow’s honor.

According to legend, the widow’s only son perished at sea during the Napoleonic Wars, and the buns are meant to honor the widow’s memory.

Although you are welcome to stop by the bar at any point on Good Friday for a beverage, you need to make a reservation to be a part of the special Widow’s Bun ceremony.

You may also take a walking tour of the Bow area while you’re there, or you can enjoy a meal or a cocktail made with an infusion at the bar while you’re there.

4. Hunt for Easter eggs at the Hampton Court Palace

Easter in London
Hampton Court Palace

What could be more enjoyable than searching for Easter eggs on the grounds of one of the most recognizable landmarks in the nation?

This year, the Easter Bunny has been busy concealing Easter Eggs at Hampton Court Palace, and he’s left them for you to go and find!

If you are a fan of chocolate, then this is the ideal opportunity for you to spend quality time with your loved ones while learning about the Palace’s rich and fascinating past.

When you enter the world-famous maze, you will first receive some unique instructions on the process of creating chocolate, after which you will, of course, become lost.

5. Buy chocolate Easter eggs

Easter in London
Easter bunny and chocolate Easter eggs

A lot of excellent chocolate shops may be found in London, as can many mass-marketing companies and department stores that stock all your favorite national and international brands.

It doesn’t matter if you’re searching for a quick trip to a Liberty department shop or a visit to Hotel Chocolat for an Extra Thick Chocolate Egg, you’ll find these sweet treats in London. If you’re in London in search of artisanal chocolate, you can’t miss Melt, Paul A. Young, Melange, and Rococo (a full-fledged chocolate-making academy).

6. Feast on Easter food

Easter in London
Easter tea

Easter, like Christmas, is often used as an excuse to pig out. With four days off (for many), a Sunday brunch or lunch can last forever.

• An Afternoon Tea –

Visit for some lovely and indulgent (read: costly) desserts.

The shops and restaurants on Portobello Road and the nearby Chelsea neighborhood are also well worth a visit (made famous since making the wedding cake for Harry and Meghan).

After perusing the shelves, head up to the upper floor for some tea and cake.

• Sunday Roast –

Among life’s greatest pleasures is breaking bread with loved ones and celebrating special occasions. To have someone else do the cooking for you is the icing on the cake.

One fantastic way to celebrate Easter with family and friends is by meeting at a London pub and restaurant for a hearty Sunday roast. Many of these places have been serving Sunday roasts for centuries, which complements the age-old Easter celebrations.

Partake in hearty traditional British fare plus some delicious desserts and refreshing drinks.

7. Join a London Easter pub crawl

On your Easter pub crawl in London, you may trade in the eggs and chocolate for beers and tunes instead. Choose the evening that works best for you from the time it begins at 8.30 pm on Thursday, all the way through Easter Sunday, and then get dressed up for a night out on the town.

Beginning at the Comedy Bar, you will have the opportunity to meet lots of friendly individuals, bounce to a few different bars, down a few complimentary shots, and finally party at London’s legendary Tiger Tiger club till 3 in the morning.

In addition to receiving fantastic drink discounts and having every moment of the night photographed by a trained photographer, you will have the privilege of entering every location for free and skipping the line.

Get your tickets as soon as possible to prevent missing out at the starting price of £10.

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