13 Best West Hampstead Cafés You Will Love

Looking for the best West Hampstead cafés?

West Hampstead is called the social area of North London because it is always bustling with life. According to legends, this place inspired The Beatles to write “The Long and Winding Road.”

If you’re looking for someplace to meet with friends over a cup of coffee, and maybe some great food, then this is where you should go. The long line of shops, cafés, restaurants, and pubs provides plenty of options.

With a wide array of food and drink establishments, you will surely find a good place to hang out in West Hampstead.

Apart from the village-esque feel of the whole place, the area also has its fair share of green spaces such as the West End Green by the Victorian Fire Station and Fortune Green Park.

West Hampstead is surely a nice spot for those who want to get away from the hustle and bustle of London.

West Hampstead Cafés

Best West Hampstead Cafés

If you’re looking for the best West Hampstead cafés, here’s a list of recommendations you should consider.

1. Bridge Café

138 W End Ln, London NW6 1SD, United Kingdom

Bridge Café serves food that are relatively affordable even though they use nothing less than the top quality ingredients for their menu. They are actually known to give big servings at reasonable prices.

They have a lot of set meals to choose from, too – from big English breakfast and veggie breakfast. Apart from the good food, the staff are known to provide quality service as well.

To top it all, the café is spacious and comfortable to provide the customers utmost satisfaction — definitely one of the best cafés in West Hampstead!

2. WIREd Co.

194 Broadhurst Gardens, London NW6 3AY, United Kingdom

You’ll be surprised by how dedicated they are to serving coffee to perfection. Just a little past West End Lane, WIRED Co. is not among the chains of coffee houses, but it still attracts a lot of patrons. Their coffee doesn’t only look incredible, they’re pleasing to the taste buds, as well.

The café is open and ready to serve you your daily dose of caffeine any time during weekdays. On weekends, the place turns into a sweet-tooth heaven. Aside from adding smashed avocado on rye with feta on their menu every weekend, they serve cakes, muffins, and some other treats, as well.

They offer healthy options, too, so it’s safe to visit them even when you’re on a diet. WIRED Co. is the perfect place to grab a breakfast after your morning jog.

3. Mill House Café

37 Mill Ln, London NW6 1NB, United Kingdom

This café may be small but it has been proven to provide a lot more than what it seems.

Mill House Café is owned and run by devoted restaurant afficionados who aim to provide quality food and services that go beyond what is normally expected from a plain bistro. Their menu focuses more on breakfast and brunch yet you can still enjoy their food, along with your favorite drinks — be it a cup of cup or any hot beverage, fresh juice, smoothie or shake — anytime of the day.

They have enough choices to appeal to varied tastes and appetites. They will definitely have something that suits your palate best.

4. Intermission Coffee

Unit 2 The Hardy Building, Heritage Ln, London NW6 2BR, United Kingdom

If you’re the type to advocate equitability and sustainability, then Intermission Coffee is your refuge.

Located near West Hampstead Overground Station, Intermission Coffee is spearheading a campain to promote sustainable coffee. It is their objective to make the necessary change in the coffee industry. They do this by giving back 5p per coffee sold to the farmers.

They use raw materials in roasting their coffee, too. You can either get something espresso-based or a filter coffee. They also offer a varied selection of pastries and sweet treats. If you’re vegan, they have something for you, too.

5. Lola’s Bakery

168 W End Ln, London NW6 1SD, United Kingdom

If you want something different from the usual West Hampstead cafés, you must try Lola’s Bakery. They do not only serve the best coffee, they definitely bring something new to the West Hampstead breakfast scene as well.

What’s more tempting than enjoying your favorite cup of coffee inside a 100-year-old building all complete with impressively high ceilings and original features?

You can also order something from their menu of healthy and organic food choices to be paired with your favorite cup of coffee.

Most of all, they offer an all-day café menu so whether it’s for breakfast, brunch, lunch, or snack, Lola’s Bakery has definitely something for you.

6. Art 4 Fun Café

172 W End Ln, London NW6 1SD, United Kingdom

If you’re into art, then you should check out Art 4 Fun Café. They combine good coffee and art, something extremely unique among West Hampstead cafés. This means you can enjoy your coffee there, and some snacks, while working on an artwork. And the best thing is, you don’t have to be an artist to go there.

They offer a creative workshop for all ages, with or without any art background. You can paint ceramics, glass, and even t-shirts with the help of their staff. They would give you a few tips and some techniques to bring out the artist in you.

7. Caffè Nero

264-266 W End Ln, London NW6 1LJ, United Kingdom

If you’re in the mood for something Italian, then Caffè Nero is the perfect choice for you.

This Italian-influenced coffeehouse company, which currently has more than 1,000 coffee houses in 11 countries including the one at West Hampstead, was actually founded in London in 1997.

They are known to provide two things: the finest handcrafted Italian coffee and the warm and relaxing environment for their customers. This way, you can enjoy their masterpiece of a coffee to the fullest.

Aside from providing a top-tier coffee experience, Caffè Nero is known to serve great food as well. Their choices range from freshly-baked pastries to warm toasted panini inspired by classic European recipes.

They also take pride in only using fresh and premium ingredients for their menu.

8. Organico

267 W End Ln, London NW6 1QS, United Kingdom

If you’re looking for a healthy café in West Hampstead, then Organico should be on top of your list. This place is a healthy food haven, offering no less than organic Mediterranean food!

Aside from the freshly-brewed coffee, you may also get yourself a green juice along with some delicious seasonal food which is all sourced from farmers, growers, and local producers. Their goal is to help their customers enjoy a healthier, happier, and greener life – and they are living up to that promise.

9. Roni’s Bagel Bakery

248 W End Ln, London NW6 1LG, United Kingdom

If you’re in the mood for some breakfast with a twist, then Roni’s Bagel Bakery is the right place for you.

They offer a homey-bakery feel with their authentic bagels and Jewish baked goods in Mediterranean style. They are known to bake the best bagels and cakes around the UK so you’re definitely in for a treat!

You can either enjoy their baked goodies or perhaps order a good hearty meal prepared with nothing less than the authentic recipes to go with your coffee. Apart from breakfast, they offer brunch and lunch as well.

10. The Wet Fish Café

242 W End Ln, London NW6 1LG, United Kingdom

The Wet Fish Café is definitely one of the most popular restaurants slash cafés in West Hampstead.

Set in one of London’s historic wet fish shops, The Wet Fish Café, a local favorite for several years, is a restaurant during nighttime and a café during daytime. It attracts a lot of customers so it’s recommended that you book in advance if you are planning to visit. This is not surprising considering the fact that The Wet Fish Café is one of the many high-rated cafés in West Hampstead.

The Wet Fish Café takes pride in using only the highest-quality ingredients in every food they serve to their customers. They do not only serve comfort food; they make sure to promote healthy eating as well.

11. HĀM

238 W End Ln, London NW6 1LG, United Kingdom

Are you craving some healthy yet delicious meal? Head on to HĀM – a casual, friendly, local restaurant that serves modern British food and only uses high-quality ingredients. They have a large brunch and lunch menu options to choose from.

Aside from the usual British dishes, they also have unique options like kimchi pancakes and spelt pancakes.

Apart from the quality meals on the menu, HĀM is a nice place to enjoy your favorite cup of coffee either with friends or by yourself.

12. Heads + Tails

175 W End Ln, London NW6 2LH, United Kingdom

Unlike the rest of the West Hampstead cafés on this list, Heads + Tails is actually a cocktail bar. However, Heads + Tails serves coffee and light snacks in the upstairs bar during the daytime.

With its modern decor, bar-style seating, and open windows that allow you to have a view of the West End Lane Road, Heads + Tails provides a relaxing ambiance. It is a great place to hang out with friends over coffee or to work on your laptop.

As a cocktail bar, Heads + Tails is known to serve the finest range of beer, wines, and cocktails. It has, in fact, been featured in both the UK’s Top 50 Bars and the World’s Top 500 Bars lists.

13. Pumpkin Café

110 Fortune Green Rd, London NW6 1DH, United Kingdom

A locals’ favorite, Pumpkin Café is a comfortable and friendly café that serves great coffee and delicious food at reasonable prices. You may enjoy a cup of tea or coffee starting at £1.25. And with £4.95, you may already dig into a full English breakfast.

Pumpkin Café is a good place to try traditional British dishes without overspending. The staff here are noted for being nice and competent as well. Service at the Pumpkin Café is fast — 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed!

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West Hampstead attracts locals and tourists for the right reasons. If you’re a tourist visiting the English capital, do not leave without stopping by West Hampstead. It is not only a good place to hunt for the best place to drink and eat, but it’s the perfect place to create good memories of your travels as well.

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