16 Best Things to Buy in London — London Souvenirs and Items That Will Make You Hoard!

Looking for the best things to buy in London?

There is something in London for everyone’s shopping needs, whether it be something for yourself or a present for a friend, colleague, or member of the family. In the diverse and vibrant English capital, there are plenty of options when it comes to shopping for unique and memorable London souvenirs.

So, what are the best things to buy in London?

I have compiled some of the must-buys when in the English capital — from the uniquely London souvenirs to fan merch and some quality items that should fill your luggage in no time. Mind not to hoard, though!

Best things to buy in London

Best things to buy in London

Here’s my handpicked list of what to buy in London that will make great gifts for family and friends back home or souvenirs to remember your London trip by.

1. English tea

Whether it’s Twinnings or Taylors of Harrogate, Londoners and tourists alike can’t get enough of tea. English tea is one of the things to buy in London to take home since it’s a breeze to pack in your suitcase for your return trip.

You can find a variety of teas by visiting a specialty tea shop like Whittards or a supermarket like Tesco or Waitrose.

English breakfast tea isn’t the only option, of course. You can experiment with a variety of flavors, including rosé, mixed berries, hazelnut, and chocolate teas.

2. English teapot

What could be more charming than a cute English teapot to bring your mother, sister, or best friend from your London vacation?

You can buy one pretty much anywhere that sells tableware — from china shops to department stores like Harrods where they sell designer tea sets for a small fortune. But as a starting point, head to John Lewis on Oxford Street.

A genuine English teapot is one of the best things to buy in London, so mind to check that the teapot is actually made in England. Antique shops are a good source of genuine English tea pots and other china items.

3. British chocolates from Charbonnel et Walker

Charbonnel et Walker, the first premium chocolate maker in the United Kingdom, was founded in 1875. It even holds a Royal Warrant for Her Majesty the Queen as a chocolatier.

To top it all off, Marc de Champagne’s chocolates are wonderful London presents for friends and family back home, especially the Pink Marc de Champagne Truffles.

One of the best places to buy this chocolate in London is the renowned shop in the Royal Arcade in Mayfair.

4. Harrods Coffee in an exclusive tin

Harrods Emporium has created a fine grind Blend 49 coffee in a historic gold and green container to commemorate its 150 years in business.

As you would expect from a high-end grocery store, the coffee is crafted from only the finest pure Arabica beans to provide a flavorful cup with a nutty aftertaste. Cafetières and percolators will appreciate this pretty 250g. bag of coffee.

The Harrods Food Hall’s Heritage collection tin is one of many popular food and beverage presents. The dark green graphic on the tin depicts the Harrods building. On its front is the slogan “Purveyors of Fine Coffee since 1849.”

With your order, you’ll receive the sought-after Harrods carrier bag, as well as a tin of coffee that is both beautiful and high-quality. This is definitely among the best things to buy in London!

5. A hat from Lock & Co.

How about an elegant hat to update your wardrobe? When in London, get it from Lock & Co., the oldest hat shop in the world.

Surrounded by a rich history, the shop manager is supposed to have inspired Lewis Carroll to create the renowned Mad Hatter persona from Alice in Wonderland.

Lock & Co. sells a fashionable beret if you’re going to Paris following London.

A canvas bag or lock keyring is also an excellent London keepsake from the shop if you’re on a budget.

6. A James Smith & Sons umbrella

Since 1830, James Smith & Sons has been selling umbrellas near the Tottenham Court Road and Holborn underground stations in a historic Victorian shop.

Carrying a classic London umbrella is the best way to stay dry during inclement weather. These long-lasting umbrellas are still made using traditional processes. The showroom and the umbrella manufacturer are even located in the same building.

The Pencil Umbrella with Cat Handle is a great buy if you love cats, or the London Umbrella with Lion Handle if you like a more edgy style. The one Pencil Umbrella with Fox Handle is cute as well.

These cute and useful umbrellas are a must-buy in London. Take it wherever you go during your stay in the English capital, then buy more to bring home to your friends and family. They will also love these charming London souvenirs!

7. Savile Row’s bespoke suits

Savile Row tailors in Mayfair’s Savile Row are one of the most iconic London keepsakes for men who wish to buy formal wear.

In the words of British GQ, this is “the world’s most famous suiting street.”

Even though they’re expensive, these are the best London souvenirs as Savile Row suits are highly regarded for their craftsmanship and will always bring back memories of your time in London.

8. Burberry trench coat

For women who want to look fashionable even when it’s raining or snowing, a Burberry trench coat is the perfect thing to bring back from London as a souvenir.

This timeless article of apparel is the ideal thing for you to pick up at their shop on Regent Street if you are looking for fabulous things to buy in London.

9. Penhaligons perfumes and colognes

The Penhaligons gift packages are simply irresistible.

This classic London perfume brand is ideal for people who like to travel with only their carry-on belongings or who are planning a short trip throughout Europe.

There are several Penhaligons boutiques around London. If you don’t have time to visit one of their stores, you can purchase their fragrances online. If you want to experiment with different scents, buy some of their travel-sized perfumes and colognes.

10. Bespoke scents from Miller Harris’ perfume

Miller Harris makes a line of niche perfumes that you might enjoy. Perfumer Lyn Harris launched this London-based couture perfume brand in 2000.

This small British fragrance company makes exquisite natural scents inspired by stories. For a scent that will remind you of your time in London, head to their stores in Covent Garden and Seven Dials.

11. London souvenirs from Stanfords

Stanfords is the world’s largest map and travel book shop, located in Covent Garden, London.

For nearly two centuries, it has been a favorite of explorers and adventurers. There is a wide variety of books, maps, and other items for sale that will make good souvenirs of your London trip.

Some of the best London souvenirs you can get here include their London map-printed cushion covers, travel bags, and the very popular Money Box with the signature retro map print.

12. Harry Potter Shop souvenirs

If you’re a Harry Potter fan like me, don’t forget to pick up some keepsakes at Platform 9¾ in King’s Cross station’s Harry Potter Shop.

Hogwarts sweatshirts, owl-themed mugs, and owl-themed pencils are just some of the items you’ll find at this shop. Make sure to snap a picture with the shop’s famed disappearing luggage trolley while you’re there.

Also check out the Harry Potter filming locations in London if you haven’t yet!

13. Print from the National Gallery

Want art but can’t afford to spend thousands of dollars on a trip to an art auction? Art prints are available for purchase at the gift store of the National Gallery, one of London’s best art museums.

Prints are among the best things to buy in London since you may put them in your suitcase without fear of them getting damaged because they come with a protective plastic wrap around them.

Postcard-sized prints are also available if you need something smaller to send back home or put in a smaller area.

14. Books from one of the famous bookstores

More than 100 independent book shops and several corporate stores can be found in London, making it a mecca for bibliophiles. A book from one of London’s best-known bookshops is a wonderful gift for the bookworms in your life.

Hatchards, London’s oldest bookshop, has a wide selection of books. With three Royal Warrants, their Picadilly flagship store has been in business since 1797. There is also a new small outlet in St. Pancras International Station.

With several locations, Daunt Books is another excellent bookshop. In their original Marylebone location, which is stunning in every way, they include a huge travel section with foreign and local guides as well as fiction novels to browse.

When you buy a book from one of the many local independent book stores, you’ll almost always get a complimentary lovely bookmark. These are the best London souvenirs you can give the bookworms in your life when you get back home from your vacation.

15. A House of Commons notebook

Definitely one of the best London souvenirs, a House of Commons notebook can be bought from the Houses of Parliament Shop located directly across from Big Ben and just around the corner from the Westminster tube station. It sells a variety of branded gifts that bear the stamp of the United Kingdom government.

Even though they have an online store, we believe that purchasing something from them in person provides a higher level of authenticity than doing it online. You can anticipate being able to purchase a wide variety of branded goods, ranging from packs of playing cards to apparel.

16. Quality stationery

One of the lovely things to buy in London are quality stationery. You’re in luck if you’re shopping for a notebook enthusiast! Some of the top stationery stores in the world may be found in the English capital.

It’s impossible to find a better spot in London to purchase notebooks than Choosing Keeping in Seven Dials. With a vast variety of bindings, materials, and paper kinds, their handpicked stock is of the utmost quality.

Additionally, they have a wonderful collection of fountain pens, inks, greeting cards, and watercolors on hand, which will make such nice London souvenirs to bring home to.

You may also check out Present & Correct for more writing and drawing supplies. Here you can find everything from washi paper to bullet journals.

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